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Mayor Robert Donchez 2021 Budget Address

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December 3 budget hearing video

The 4th City Council hearing on the 2021 budget took place last night.

There was a time when the Morning Call would have a story this morning to fill us in.

No more. Sigh.

What would we do without Gadfly?

The Mayor and Business Administrator Evans began by providing a brief overview (3 mins.):

The Mayor indicated this was his toughest budget year, reviewed measures taken during the year to tighten the City’s belt, assured that the Fire Department and the Service Center would be ok with the proposed cuts (4 firefighters, 2 ServiceCenterers), and reminded us that the City had an A+ rating as a result of good financial management in recent years. BA Evans added that the City produced the “most responsible” budget for the residents of Bethlehem.

President Waldron began the business proceedings indicating that there were 4 proposed amendments to the Mayor’s proposed budget (2 mins):

  • transfer $400,000 from cash reserves to cover the firefighters (Crampsie Smith)
  • cut 2 building inspectors from one area (Callahan)
  • cut 2 building inspectors from another area (Callahan)
  • cut $40,000 for a pedestrian/bike bridge feasibility study (Callahan)

After vigorous and lengthy discussion on each amendment (some of which Gadfly will cover in due course), each amendment failed.

The Mayor’s 2021 budget goes forward as proposed.

The budget will be voted on at the December 15 City Council meeting (at which amendments can still be entertained).

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