Let’s fund the study and the bridge privately

Latest in a series of posts on the pedestrian bridge

Bud Hackett is a Bethlehem resident who raised 4 kids in the City. He recently became very interested in quality of life issues in the city and hopes to offer a balance to the approach City Council is taking.


What a great idea to build a pedestrian bridge in Bethlehem! Let’s fund it privately because government does not have enough money.

We all love free things or things that others will pay for and we get the benefits.

Gadfly recently ran an article that “walking trails are racist” because a trail survey showed a small percentage of POC’s using the trail.  Would the pedestrian bridge be classified the same way, despite so many liberal organizations supporting the bridge study?

Of course, the consultant will propose all the reasons why the City should fund their study / contract. That’s how they make money.

In these times when government does not have enough money to do all the new spending being proposed and taxpayers angry that “aren’t we taxed enough already?” — maybe the study and the bridge should paid for by those that support it.

I promise to donate the first $100.00 for the bridge construction ($2 – $5 million ???) if and when the project is approved to move ahead as a privately funded project.  There appears to be a lot of interest.  Putting our money where our mouth is – a great concept.


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