Councilman Reynolds nudges the Chief for a plan

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

ref: Chief Kott outlines her new plans at the budget meeting
ref: Colon and Kott eye a “Hub” program

Toward the end of the Budget hearing, Councilman Reynolds kind of reminded Chief Kott that she had spoken about a reorganization and reinvestment plan for the department.

Gadfly had not remembered the Chief saying that with such specificity.

The Chief replies yes: “We were going to try to take a look at the overall department and refocus, make the department more refocused into community services, specifically in that community services division that we have under the patrol division.” (5 mins.)

Councilman Reynolds specifically uses the terms reorganization and reinvestment.

That’s “defunder” (still stuck with that term) lingo.

And, though Gadfly got lost in the Councilman’s wordage a bit, he thinks he made out that Reynolds was looking for such a plan not only in the turn-of-the year meeting that Councilman Colon will set up to look at, for one thing, the “first contact” situation that Gadfly has whined about but also he was looking for some sense of that plan at the final budget meeting December 15.

That’s interesting.

It might just mean that Councilman Reynolds is starting to set deadlines for the Chief (she’s been getting sort of a pass so far in her honeymoon period) or that there might be some possible budget shifting for 2021.

In any event, things are heating up in regard to the police department, which Gadfly is glad to see.

Yes, interesting.

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