Incident in Philadelphia (6): Lawyer for the Wallace family

Latest in a series of posts about the death of Walter Wallace

The subject’s name was Walter Wallace.

The Wallace family lawyer — a “Swat-trained member of the police department” — makes the case for the inapplicability of the training the officers had for this situation: “They teach you to kill . . . They train you to be an assassin when the time calls for it. You have to use your discernment to figure out what that time is. It was not this time.” (5 mins.)

Selections from MaryClaire Dale, “Wallace family calls for firing of officers, police reforms.” Associated Press, November 6, 2020.

The family of Walter Wallace Jr. called Friday for the officers who fatally shot the young Black man to be fired and asked that some of the city’s more than $700 million police budget be diverted to mental health services.

Lawyer Shaka Johnson spoke for the family at a City Hall news conference a day before Saturday’s planned funeral for Wallace, a 27-year-old father of nine who had been receiving mental health services.

Johnson called for the city to divert some of its police budget to a separate hotline that families could call to get trained professionals, instead of armed officers, to respond to mental health crises.

He also noted that city voters in Tuesday’s election approved a ballot measure to create a citizen oversight panel for the police department.

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