Incident in Philadelphia (5): the body cams

Latest in a series of posts about the death of Walter Wallace

The subject’s name was Walter Wallace.

Let’s start the week with a bang.

Walter Wallace died in this incident with the Philadelphia Police on October 26. It’s the kind of classic mental health incident that occasions debate about the nature of policing. Gadfly had been providing info without commentary till a little matter of a presidential election took precedence last week. During that “break,” however, the body cam video was released and a major press conference was held. So let’s pick up once again with canvassing all the information on the case. Click “Walter Wallace” under Topics on the right-hand sidebar to catch up on past posts.

Here is the long-awaited body cam videos from the two officers spliced together.

The Philadelphia police department publicly released the bodycam footage in a police shooting for the very first time in its history in an effort to improve transparency.

The action plays out in less than a minute.

In addition, here is the viral on-the-scene spectator twitter video that we’ve seen before but this time we get a glimpse of his mother (we think) over the dying Wallace on the ground.

And the range of twitter comments should not be missed.


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  1. About half of the twitter comments are stupid. They sound like Trump supporters. Shoot to kill at any opportunity. Definitely not a need to kill situation here.

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