“I didn’t hear anything that I wanted to hear or anything that I felt I needed to hear”

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Committee of the Whole meeting, October 29, 2020

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“We’re not talking about things, it seems to me, that really matter.”
The Gadfly

The City Council Committee of the Whole meeting called by the Administration last night turned out as Gadfly feared.

The most number of people tuned in on the live-stream at one time was 9.

Truly, it wasn’t worth tuning in for.

The four City department heads made nice presentations, but, literally, they “phoned their reports in,” in the negative colloquial meaning of that phrase.

They pretty much read their reports.

Gadfly did learn a lot, but it was marginal stuff, and Gadfly could have read the reports himself in 1/8th of the time or less.

There was no reason to bring people together to hear those reports read.

A reason to bring people together would be meaningful discussion of core issues.

There was no meaningful discussion of core issues.

Council was polite, there were a few soft comments and questions, and much genuine backslapping for work done.

But Gadfly cannot see that anything of substance was accomplished.

Gadfly was disappointed with the Council members, each and every one of them.

And Gadfly has to feel that an opportunity was squandered.

Listen to what Gadfly had to say at the meeting and decide for yourself.

Mrs. Gadfly, mother of six boys and the family peacemaker, thinks his shorts must have been too tight.

to be continued . . .

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