New document to review before tonight’s Council Committee of the Whole mtg 6pm

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Here is a quite interesting and informative document — a comprehensive list of Police Department community programs, collaboration with other city departments, and collaboration with outside organizations — just made available this afternoon.

10-29 Committee of the Whole mtg – BPD

Gadfly likes this. An audit of bridges to the world outside the Police Department designed to provide evidence of trust-building, community-building activities.

But not all the bullets are about current activity.

For instance, this bullet under the Health Department heading jumps out at Gadfly as a new activity:

Social worker/police collaboration
o Pilot program being implemented this November
o Will consist of a social worker from the Health Department working closely with members of the police department to ensure that community members have access to the social service programs/resources they need
o This collaboration will also result in members of the police department receiving yearly training in areas such as de-escalation, emotional and social intelligence, and crisis intervention

Now the narrative for tonight’s meeting is taking shape!

Gadfly excited.

Take a look before the meeting.

10-29 Committee of the Whole mtg – BPD

Thursday, October 29, 2020

6:00 PM – Town Hall

Committee of the Whole Meeting

Subject:  Interaction of the Police Department/Health Bureau/

Recreation/Department of Community and Economic Development

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