Bethlehem: “The Anti-Racist City” — how’s that sound?

Latest in a series of posts about the Community Engagement Initiative

“The Community Engagement Initiative is [about] looking at the ways that
we as a community can end systemic racism and create an equitable city.”
Councilman Willie Reynolds

Can you imagine a new (or additional) brand for Bethlehem? Gadfly is anxious to get the campaign going. Can anybody photoshop in “the Anti-Racist City”? The CEI is our castle in the air. Let’s start imaging some supports under it.

“We are at an important moment in our community’s history,
and we have an opportunity to do something truly momentous.”
Anna Smith

One thought on “Bethlehem: “The Anti-Racist City” — how’s that sound?

  1. Short answer I can imagine it as a semi-popular but not viable option.

    “Anti” can be a sometime necessary reality but “pro” is much better.

    “The Community Engagement Initiative is [about] looking at the ways that we as a community can … create an equitable city.” I can fight for a “Pro Equality City” it seems to cover a wider area. I suppose the argument against it is that it has been tried and found lacking. If you are pro equality I would have to think you are anti racist. I would like to use racist in its strict meaning but think unfair or abusive discrimination may be an acceptable definition (discrimination not necessarily having a negative connotation). The problem of course is the meaning of racist which varies greatly from person to person.

    The meaning of the Christmas City is possibly as variable from person to person but can more rationally be explained: the biblical birth story, the star (as pictured is actually located in the city), and the city with the same name.

    The message of Christmas screams human equality, justice and love in dark times; isn’t that preferable to anti anything?

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