And what’s this meeting all about?

Latest in a series of posts about the Community Engagement Initiative

High alert! This memo from headquarters just came in!

Committee of the Whole Meeting

Thursday, October 29, 2020

6:00 PM – Town Hall

Subject: Interaction of the Police Department/Health Bureau/Recreation/Department of Community and Economic Development

Now what do you suppose this means?

Note that Gadfly index’d it under “Community Engagement Initiative.”

But is it?

Could this be the former of the two kinds of meetings that Councilman Reynolds described as the possible ways the CEI could evolve?

Not sure.

This meeting was announced at City Council last Tuesday.

Without explanation.

Teasing us.

If this is part of CEI with the goal of “ending systemic racism and creating an equitable city,” what’s the Recreation department doing in there?

Gadfly has his eye on the beginning of Budget season. There was some talk in June and July that substantive discussions about possible restructuring of public safety would need to take place before Budget season. Budget season started last year on November 12.

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