“Antiracism is about action”

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With the country in the midst of a racial reckoning, many Americans are eager to
take a stand against racism. But to truly be an ally, members of the black
community say it’s not enough to simply not be racist. True allies, they say,
are “antiracist,” and there’s a key difference between the two.

CBS News, June 25, 2020

The difference between being not racist and being antiracist
(short video)

Floyd 29


listen . . . understand . . . act . . . then live your life in a new way

Many thanks to Linda Wiggins-Chavis for this video and other great resources during the Bethlehem Area Public Library 4-part workshop “Dialogues on Racial Justice.” BAPL is doing a great job of providing “educational” materials to help us think through the national reckoning on race that we are experiencing and to prepare us for what we hope will be significant action by City Council and the City Administration on the local level. In addition to the workshops and lectures, see BAPL’s “Antiracist Resources.”

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