A 2017 Bethlehem Police Community survey

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Bethlehem Police Community Survey 2017
DeSales University and Kutztown University

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One thought on “A 2017 Bethlehem Police Community survey

  1. I think it is clear from the first bullet about “Response Rate” that this study is problematic, at least as it relates to our current situation. If the 18015 zipcode was underrepresented (this is the part of our city where census tracts show the greatest concentration of Latinx and Black residents), and if the majority of respondees were older White people, then this study does not help us to understand the experiences of people of color in our city as they have interacted with the BPD. It’s definitely interesting to see one part of our community narrative through the study above. Now it is time to seek out and listen to the perspective of community members who were missing from the original study…

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