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It’s nice to see people returning to our downtown and dining outdoors. It would be even nicer if two other things were done. I enjoyed the ambiance of this with a friend on her birthday this past Wednesday at the Apollo. However, between cars driving past blasting music and other bikers and cars revving their engines and using loud mufflers to impress us, it became difficult at times to converse between ourselves and with wait staff. A little old-fashioned law enforcement including issuing citations would set the tone for a peaceful downtown where quality of life and peace and quiet are embraced and not denigrated by inconsiderate drivers by. Stop both of these and you will have a much more enjoyable experience!

Dana Grubb



A couple of unrelated thoughts on parklets:

I especially like the one on Main Street where they used planters to create the separation/protection barrier! (They should extend this or similar approaches to the others.)

They should close Adams from Columbia to Morton, leaving one lane open (for residents only) between 4th & Morton. There may be other opportunities to extend the areas so they are more usable. Extended areas also facilitate distancing. (The restaurant on W 4th has tables so close there is no effective distancing; the health department should alert them to safe practices.)

Note: Many of these aren’t really “parklets” — if a space is reserved for patrons of a particular establishment, it wouldn’t be a parklet, which is a small park, by definition a public space.

Peter Crownfield

2 thoughts on “Comments on parklets

  1. Without the noise & distraction problems Dana mentioned, the outside dining is good for your mental health after this prolonged period of lockdown — but in the locations with traffic next to the dining area, it is not at all healthy to be breathing in all the toxins from vehicle exhaust, plus their particulate pollution that you may also be eating with your delicious meal.

  2. I agree with Dana Grubb about the noisy vehicles. Enforce the noise ordinance.

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