City hits home run with new parklets, so let’s do it again

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“I was really ‘Wow!’ and Bravo! — well done!”
Councilwoman Negron

“One extra thing that makes Bethlehem such a beautiful place to visit.”
Councilman Callahan

(Can’t find a photo of the parklets with the city planters — anyone?)

At last City Council kudos were spread around to Alicia Karner, Michael Alkhal, and the City gang for the street planters beautifying and safety-fying outdoor dining — and thus helping our business community.

The Mayor and others are thinking of doing this again next year and even annually in the post-pandemic age. Far out!

Mayor Donchez:

Councilman Callahan:

Councilwoman Negron:

Other good news:

1) City Hall is open.

2) Fireworks on July 4th

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