President Waldron: “the Police department . . . did a great job . . . supporting the First Amendment rights that everyone is granted”

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On behalf of the department, Chief DiLuzio read a statement on “George Floyd’s Death & Policing in America” at the Council meeting Wednesday night. You can find the text here and the audio below. (The Mayor’s May 31 statement was not read into the record but can be found here.)

The Chief’s statement was the occasion for response to the local and national events of the last ten days or so by each member of Council.

Followers know that a main purpose of this blog is to help you know your Council members better. These Council responses are a good way to do exactly that, so Gadfly will take the next day or so to present each one individually for better focus.

Listen to the voices of our elected officials.

Beginning with President Waldron and proceeding in the order in which they were presented at the meeting.

President Waldron

“Obviously when we have such a large event like we did last Saturday, and what you’ve seen is many other cities where things have turned violent, it’s a great indication of the folks that we have in our community as well as the restraint and the respect the Police department showed when there was not a single incident that happened within that large rally last Saturday. The berth that the Police department gave the marchers, to allow them space to be heard, is a testament to the planning and the thoughtfulness that went into that event, and I would encourage you and the department to continue that practice. Where you’ve seen other Police departments in the country escalating the tensions that are there and forcing stand-offs and physical altercations that are not necessary, I think the Police department in Bethlehem did a great job in helping to be part of supporting the First Amendment rights that everyone is granted. I would hope that that practice can be encouraged in future events tomorrow and through the weekend as well.”

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