Downtowns are poised to open up

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On Monday Gadfly briefed you on the City’s plan (see below) for outdoor dining in our downtowns.

And today you may see signs of opening up.

On Wednesday there was a discussion of this plan at City Council between Administrator Alicia Karner and Council folk Waldron and Callahan that you might find interesting.

Click to access Plan_for_Outdoor_Dining_and_Other_Business_Uses_3.pdf

The City plan was developed in collaboration with the business community. There was talk at Council about whether the allocated space would have to be expanded, whether there should be a “festival feel,” about the different needs of retailers and the restaurant owners, the different model of parklets that the City is using (the City is building planters as borders), liquor enforcement, the goal of enabling the restaurants to pull in some money in case of a second virus wave later in the year, the possibility of giving leeway with some regulations since the goal is to “save” restaurants from going under, about opening streets.

It sure is a weird time, isn’t it? The joy of opening up (for those of you not bunkered in as Gadfly is) clashing with the devastating downer of national events over the past ten days or so.

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