“Racism exists because it is enabled by white silence”

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Michele Downing is a Social Worker and RN, a grandmother of two, interested in social and environmental justice, a resident of the Lehigh Valley for fifteen years, the last six years a resident of West Bethlehem.

Thank you [Breena Holland] for this thoughtful reply which echoes most of my same concerns with the Mayor’s letter.

It continues to be normalized in city government to drown out black and brown voices and centering only the white experiences.

We have an obligation to black and brown neighbors to learn the skills to avoid doing that.

A strong example in leadership would be helpful, and there are a number of community leaders who would willingly step up and do that if we got out of the way.

Racism exists because it is enabled by white silence.

Michele Downing

2 thoughts on ““Racism exists because it is enabled by white silence”

  1. Thank you, Michelle Downing. More people need to speak up about the Mayor’s hollow words.

  2. Michelle, do not think you have exhausted the reasons for racism with white silence.

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