Questioning the Mayor’s statement

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John Rothschild is a family law attorney residing in Bethlehem who graduated from Lehigh.


I am embarrassed that I did not comment sooner. I agree with everything you mentioned, although I think even less of the Mayor’s “powerful statement.” “That all men are created equal?” Women, people of different colors, and more? What about them? Grieving as a nation and standing together? Whom are you kidding?

And Mayor Donchez’s reference to a past south Bethlehem somewhere in Nirvana without racism, bigotry, or intolerance. What?? And speaking of Allen High School, when was Transgender even recognized?

And the George Floyd is just a race issue that includes a police issue where some police seem to have no fear of reprisal. One does not need to ignore the human issue, but make no mistake, this is a race issue.

Why does the Mayor quote someone who dares to believe what Jesus would teach if He could teach only one thing? And the Mayor’s preface, “This is not the time . . .” Just when is the time?

Just reread Breena Holland’s post. She was very eloquent.

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