What are you doing tonight? Touchstone’s Young Playwrights’ Festival begins in 1/2 hour — Support local talent!

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Proudly presenting

WHEN: Saturday, May 9, 2020 @ 7pm – TONIGHT!
WHERE: Wherever you are!

We’re so excited to share this year’s festival with you!
You can watch the performance HERE
(PLEASE NOTE: If you click on the link before 7pm, it’ll take you to a placeholder page that you can leave open or bookmark for later. At 7pm and after, it’ll take you to our streaming festival on YouTube Live! You can also find it on YouTube by searching for “YPF Touchstone”)


The Radioactive Octopus
by Jayden Velazquez, Donegan Elementary
Always Start from the Top
by Sean Haas, James Buchanan Elementary
The Dramatic Tale of the Singer That Can’t Sing
by Ana Stahley, Governor Wolf Elementary
Pizza Man
by Izzah Freer and Junior Collazzo, Sheridan Elementary
Where’s My Icing
by Skyler Snyder, Farmersville Elementary
Trapped in YouTube
by Emerson Espinal, Melissa Rojas, and Jael Garcia, Casa Guadalupe
The Adventures of Charlie and Nesty
by Gianna Vetter, Spring Garden Elementary
Jack, Jill, and the Unknowns
by Esdras Aquino-Gomez, Fountain Hill Elementary
The Marching Band Prince That Saved the Aliens
by Abrielle Brennan, Nitschmann Middle

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