Summary/outline of City response to “Ask the Mayor II”

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Mayor Donchez And Department Directors Answer Second Round
Of Resident’s Questions

Did you view the City’s second response to our questions yesterday? Or were you waiting for the Gadfly summary/outline?

Awww, Gadfly had a cluttered Friday afternoon. Here ’tis now.

Mayor Donchez:

  • wear masks, social distant, wash hands
  • City Hall continues closed but that’s reviewed weekly
  • Parking Authority is back enforcing but red-bagging areas for quick pick up, while furloughing 28 employees
  • Governor has jurisdiction over businesses open/closed, essential non-essential (waivers), not City
  • Awaiting policy from governor on large events: Musik-Fest, Blueberry, Celtic
  • Awaiting governor policy on pools, construction on Memorial has begun again but unlikely opening this year
  • Yard waste open, evaluating pick-up policy but closed for now
  • Recycling Center closed, evaluating there too
  • unlikely that overlay of Johnston Dr will take place this year ($650,000-700,000 in a year when the budget deficit may be $4m.)
  • thanks to Wind Creek for payment and food contribution
  • Fire Dept will not be doing birthday visits
  • proud of City work force doing volunteer work
  • Housing Authority and School District are separate entities
  • Awaiting directive from the governor on library opening
  • consult and sign on at City web site for updates
  • thanks to all for cooperation
  • revised yard waste pick-up schedule, consult City web site

Kristen Wenrich, Health Bureau Director (min. 9:44):

  • 591 cases
  • 25-49 age group == highest positivity, 43%
  • 16.6% are long-term care residents
  • 24 deaths, 54% associated with long-term care facilities
  • 1.5-4% daily increase in cases, monitoring trend
  • increase in deaths from people on ventilators at earlier counting and also increase in deaths in long-term care facilities
  • see dashboard — updated daily — on City web site COVID-19 page for numbers
  • need for more research on immunity of those who have developed antibodies
  • we are still in “red” phase, with stay-at-home restriction
  • outlined “yellow” phase and what will get us there
  • wearing mask outside recommended when social distancing not possible
  • outbreaks in 7 long-term care facilities
  • State Dept of Health is looking at a testing program, only aware of one local site testing everybody
  • we do not license local facilities, State does, so our role is guidance and liaison, working with state consultant ECRI on local infection-control practices
  • tracking situations in workplaces and providing guidance there
  • State Health Dept is working with food-production sites, Pa Dept of Agriculture and OSHA also involved in oversight of food-production facilities
  • Working with New Bethany Ministries on homeless, working on post-pandemic plans for homeless too
  • info on Hazard Control program, funding and scope

Bob Novatnack, Emergency Management Services Director (min. 18:29):

  • equipment supply good
  • Police, Fire, EMS strong: no positive cases
  • quick turn-around time
  • info on making non-emergency calls, best to call 911 as quickest way to get a response
  • open burning info
  • following CDC guidelines

Alicia Karner, Director, Community and Economic Development (min. 22:28):

  • continuing in operation, issuing permits, developing Small Business Relief Fund
  • info on building of home pools
  • info on landlord/tenant, evictions

Eric Evans, Business Administrator (min. 24:38):

  • cabinet is meeting twice a week
  • length and depth of financial impact uncertain
  • lots necessarily speculative
  • major income sources: property taxes, earned income tax, casino host fee
  • were ahead when slow down started, 2nd quarter will tell us more
  • shortfall of several million for sure
  • deferring capital projects (equipment, roads)
  • staffing: freeze, some furloughs
  • closures: recycling, etc.
  • decisions of summer programs week of May 18
  • saving $1/2m in personnel
  • fuel prices low
  • health charges down
  • can reduce $1 1/2m
  • good financial shape before: rainy day fund etc.
  • Golf course: opened last week, improvements, well received, new policies

Mayor Donchez (min. 35:24):

  • thanks to dept heads and public
  • be safe

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