Seeking peace in a time of panic

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CBS’s “Sunday Morning” (9-10:30am) is the sanest show on television.

The sanest part of this sanest show is the “Moment of Nature” at the end.

The show just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Think of that.

And for those 40 years Gadfly has relished those Moments, moments that can feel like millennia.

They are offered as moments of silence, moments of silence from human sound.

What tonic that can be.

This morning’s show provided explanatory material about the series along with the beautiful Moment.

Sunday morning 1

See the full playlist of Moments on youtube, beginning with the river otters.

Dr. Gadfly prescribes one segment a day till this virus mess is over.

One thought on “Seeking peace in a time of panic

  1. A good Rx, Dr. Gadfly.

    Of course the current coronavirus scare is only a minor crisis when compared to the environment & ecosystems on which all life depends having been despoiled by pollution + the rapidly-growing climate emergency + the development of a new generation of nuclear systems, all of which are existential crises.

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