Meager and cramped quarters for those who seek peace — how ironic

Addison Bross has been a member of Bethlehem’s Confederate diaspora since 1967.  Like the Gadfly, he is a professor of English, Emeritus, of Lehigh University where he also administered and taught in a program in Peace Studies.  


Not so long back I served on LEPOCO’s Steering Committee.

At our monthly meetings and at LEPOCO’s monthly Popcorn & Politics film showings and sponsored lectures, in that tiny (25-capacity) room that has so long served as office, peace-promotion library, storage space for peace-&-justice buttons, bumper-stickers and banners — the thought has now and again struck me how sumptuous and well-appointed are the gathering-spaces for the many, many groups among us who promote and plan for war, inequality, and injustice.

And on the other hand, how meager and cramped a venue is likely to be available for any group amid this society who are intent on producing, by nonviolent methods, peace.



One thought on “Meager and cramped quarters for those who seek peace — how ironic

  1. Thanks, Addison, for this reminder of our skewed priorities. For those who haven’t yet read it, I strongly suggest you take the time to read Charles Eisenstein’s paper ‘Extinction and the Revolution of Love’. []

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