Gadfly asks for your time on the wage equality proposal discussion

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Gadfly has been following his usual procedure.

Moving slowly. Taking an issue or an event in chunks for better focus.

Inviting you to “know” the primary source as the basis for forming opinions of your own.

Holding back on his own analysis.

But the February 25 meeting of the Human Resources Committee on Councilman Callahan’s proposed wage equality ordinance is presenting him a bit of a dilemma.

Gadfly has posted 4-5 short chunks of the meeting in chronological order.

The next part of the meeting does not break up easily into chunks. In fact, it seems to Gadfly, you can’t really understand it unless you hear the whole sequence and know the whole context.

There is a kind of rhythm, a kind of crescendo movement that you have to experience to understand what Gadfly sees as the significance of this section as part of his goal to help you understand our elected officials better so that you can be the most informed voter you can be.

The section is susceptible to some distortion if sound bites are lifted out of context.

This meeting has already been written about in other places, and people have talked with Gadfly about it (as well as providing some posts or comments on earlier posts as you have seen) — focusing on pieces.

So Gadfly is going to do an unusual thing.

He’s going to ask you to listen to a long section — almost 30 minutes — before he comes back and breaks it up in to parts for some analysis.

Isolating parts simply does not help you understand the significant interactions here.

So Gadfly will wait a bit before posting again, hoping you will find time to experience this interaction that is so revelatory of the characters and personalities involved.

The discussion ends up in a motion to postpone discussion for perhaps six weeks. The discussion gets rough.

Hide the children. (Just joking, just joking)

to be continued . . .

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