Staying ahead of the law!

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Officer David Horvath and Councilwoman Grace Crampsie Smith
at Moravian block watch

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith doin’ the Lord’s work again.

Ten residents met with her and Officer Horvath last night.

Conversation revolved around student rentals, student parking problems, and nuisance zoning violations by a local business.

Gadfly gives you here a funny piece of conversation — agile students perhaps using access to a police scanner to know when the cops are a ‘comin’ to quiet their noisy party!

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Gadfly would love to hear about other block watches across the City.


One thought on “Staying ahead of the law!

  1. We once had a “Block Watch” sign on the corner of our property. It was there for decades. It is now gone. Someone (surely night vandals) pulled the pole out of the ground, along with the adjacent stop sign, and tossed in the gutter, it was then taken off of the downed pole by city workers and mounted across the street on a telephone pole, then it subsequently got scorched, along with a “Watch Children” sign while mounted on a telephone pole by a stolen SUV pole crash and SUV fire sometime in early 2020. The “Watch Children” sign was either replaced or cleaned up and taken off the scorched pole and given its own post. The “Block Watch” sign disappeared. I have yet to understand what the block watch program is as I’ve never seen any activity in its support in my 35 years in this neighborhood. This is the first time I’ve seen mention of it and on your website. I had assumed that since the “Block Watch” sign was gone, that the program was defunct as I has suspected for years. Evidently, by your article it is not defunct, just not very well known any more.

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