A proposal to stop the “snowballing” wage inequality that women face

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On Tuesday, February 25, Councilman Callahan’s Wage Equality ordinance proposal was BCallahanconsidered by the Human Relations committee. Councilman Callahan chairs the committee, whose other members are Councilwomen Negron and Van Wirt. Councilwoman Crampsie Smith was also present.

Find the text of the proposed ordinance here:

Wage Equality Memo (1)

Here Chair Callahan provides the rationale for the proposed ordinance and fills the committee in on an appeals court ruling just this month that cleared the way for a Philadelphia ordinance on which the Bethlehem ordinance is based. Councilman Callahan provides several pertinent quotes surrounding the Philadelphia decision as well as quotes from Women’s groups.

The basic idea is that this ordinance (which is gaining nationwide acceptance) hopes to free women from the spiraling trap of beginning their work careers at a low salary while they progress in their careers.

HR 1

This proposed ordinance generated significant discussion from committee members, which we will pick up in subsequent posts, and the proposal will be considered again in a meeting perhaps six weeks down the road.

But, as usual in Gadville, let’s go one slow step at a time and first think about the proposed ordinance itself, its rationale, its worth.

Seem like a good idea?

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