Let the business of the Council meeting begin

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But enough of Gadfly’s whining.

He was not singled out.

Resident #3 had questions about 306 S. New St., a project that in the past had its controversies that engaged the Councilman.

But not so now.

And hiding the phone under the table while texting, tsk, tsk.

Like Gadfly, resident #4 wanted to speak about a resolution that will be voted on next meeting. Gadfly would like to think that the paperwork engaging the Councilman’s attention was the draft short-term lodging ordinance. But it does not appear so.

Once public commentary is over, the Councilman engages. Gets down to business. See min. 35:40-36:40 on the city video.

‘Nuff shown. ‘Nuff said.

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