Gadfly is hard-gaveled

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This is funny.

All this talk about President Waldron tightening the reins, hardening his hammer.

And Gadfly is the first one to get hard-hammered.

And rightly so. (And it was done in a perfectly proper and formal way.)


So how did this thing happen?

Yes, Gadfly was irked at the Councilman’s inattention to resident #1. (His therapist will tell you that the Trump trial irrationalities have messed with his even temper.)

Gadfly felt he had important things to say about a resolution coming up, and he wanted the Councilman’s attention, thinking him likely to be on the other side of the issue.

He began his public comment with reference to the Councilman’s famous CAVE people remark, meaning the “citizens against virtually everything,” thinking it sure to get his attention.

(That CAVE remark stung. It will not soon be forgotten. It unsettled those of us in the cheap seats. But it had its positive function. Gadfly thinks of it a lot, virtually every time he approaches the podium. He does not want to be thought of as against everything. And he tries to make negative comments make sense.)

It did not get his attention.

So, ever the teacher, Gadfly snapped in direct address a peremptory “Mister Callahan?” in an effort to get that attention. That worked. For two minutes. But the Councilman’s paperwork must have been pressing, for he went back to his business for the last half of the Gadfly’s commentary.

Not even an appearance of attention.

You can see all this at min. 7-12 on the city video.

to be continued . . .

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