Push-back on the goals for closing Packer Avenue

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The January 23 Broughal public meeting was a few people in a large auditorium with dim lighting and without mics — not ideal for recording. Sorry, you may need to put your audio volume setting at the highest level.

A Lehigh student questioned each of the three goals Lehigh laid out for closing the section of Packer Avenue between Vine and Webster.

Safety: how about an additional crosswalk?

Connection between Lehigh and South Bethlehem: how would pushing traffic down a block help that?

Improve pedestrian experience: any data to show that it’s bad now?

The answers might not seem very satisfactory:

  • safety is not a prime goal
  • congestion can help — to a certain degree — the urban experience
  • part of a Lehigh pattern of closing roads


to be continued . . .

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