Closing Packer Avenue — is there a Plan B?

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The January 23 Broughal public meeting was a few people in a large auditorium with dim lighting and without mics — not ideal for recording. Sorry, you may need to put your audio volume setting at the highest level.

Closing Packer Avenue is a pretty big step.

The Mayor has said it’s been talked about for 2-3 decades.

Gadfly senses a big push now. Lehigh is really on the move in this area. It is poised to gobble up this portion of Packer.

But people at the meeting wisely asked about options and alternatives: crosswalks, traffic light, pedestrian bridge. In other words, alternatives to achieve the same goals.

Here are two sections of the conversations that Gadfly has patched together. Listen particularly to Lehigh response at the end of the second section.

“Nothing’s being planned right now . . . We are in fact-finding.”

This later audience comment on the same topic of options/alternatives was not really addressed at all.


to be continued . . .

One thought on “Closing Packer Avenue — is there a Plan B?

  1. The mayor’s comment [‘it’s been talked about for 2-3 decades’] means, I suspect, that it was first proposed 20–30 years ago — NOT that it’s actually been talked about very much over the years.

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