Collecting some Packer Ave. comments

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Follower “comments,” as Gadfly has often pointed out, can get lost because of the WordPress format.

So that me collect a few here to make sure they get visibility:

  • Yes, even if through truck traffic is banned, there are still plenty (too many) delivering to SS businesses & residences. (Peter Crownfield)
  • The mayor’s comment [‘it’s been talked about for 2-3 decades’] means, I suspect, that it was first proposed 20–30 years ago — NOT that it’s actually been talked about very much over the years. (Peter Crownfield)
  • Additional crosswalks could be an alternative that would help student experience — but would make it even worse for drivers than it is now. I don’t think there’s a huge payoff in terms of connecting students to SouthSide, but eliminating even a small barrier won’t hurt. We’re still missing data about the pedestrian experience, but seeing students basically stepping out to force vehicles to stop is at least an indication that something is amiss. (Peter Crownfield)
  • Why not close the road to truck traffic? And no truck or van deliveries on Packer. Lower speed limit to 15, strictly enforced. (John Rothschild)
  • I see 3rd and 4th streets as east/west routes, but how does Packer Ave. imitate that? It doesn’t. (John Rothschild)

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