Olga Negron: capable, devoted, proper demeanor

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Dana Grubb is a lifelong resident of the City of Bethlehem who worked 27 years for the City of Bethlehem in the department of community and economic development, as sealer of weights and measures, housing rehabilitation finance specialist, grants administrator, acting director of community and economic development, and deputy director of community development.


The women have arrived, and it is time for one of them to become the next City Council President. Councilwoman Olga Negron has served the past two years as Vice President while some behaviors on this important elected body devolved. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Olga Negron is quite capable, devoted to Bethlehem, and has the proper demeanor to lead and run City Council meetings. So, it’s time to do the right thing and elect her as President, which I’m sure has a few male members quaking in their boots! Dolores Caskey, the first and only female Council President, would certainly agree.


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