Clarification regarding election of City Council president Monday night


Gadfly has received notification from a member of Council that the term for president is two years, not one, so that now-prez Waldron is eligible for re-appointment tomorrow night.

Rule 2 in the Rules of Council states:

RULE 2.The President shall call the meetings to order. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall be the presiding officer or, if there is no quorum, Council shall adjourn to another date. The President and the Vice President shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. (Resolution 15,291 –passed 4/1/08)

“Term” is not defined there. Gadfly assumed it was one year.  The online archive does not have the April 1, 2008, minutes referred to in the Rule, so Gadfly could not check to see if “term” is defined there. But one would have to certainly suppose that Council members know what they are talking about.

That puts President Waldron — the incumbent — back in the mix Monday night.


Does that change your thinking?

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