Time to remember the 2017 ethics ordinance debate

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The suggestion of possible unethical behavior at City Hall raised by Councilman Callahan should remind us that Council debated an ethics ordinance in 2017.

And Councilwoman Van Wirt talked leading up to her successful primary victory earlier this year about re-introducing similar legislation.

Gadfly remembers that there was some controversy over the ethics of Councilman Callahan’s campaign lending or giving money to an unsuccessful candidate for City Council at the time of the May primary earlier this year.

See “Passing the Campaign Finance Money Around,” which I think was the first post in a series right up to election day and beyond — an issue in which ol’ Gadfly was accused of “spewing fake news,” yes, yes, he was

There was a link to “City Council Member Ethics Training Certificates of Completion” on the old City web site. But Gadfly can’t find that on the new one.  And has reported the MIA link to headquarters and has heard back that it’s on the way to reappearing.

Check out this Gadfly follower Morning Call letter to the editor from the 2017 archive to find out reasons for and the nature of a strong ethics ordinance.

Barbara Diamond, “It’s time to pass a strong ethics ordinance for Bethlehem.” Morning Call, February 23, 2017.

Gadfly’s trying to find time to go back and refresh hisself on the components of that 2017 debate.

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