Chatter around Gadfly’s water-cooler about: Councilman Callahan’s role in the ethics controversy

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Follower comments that have been aimed at Gadfly’s attention:

  • I don’t think [Callahan] trying to communicate to the mayor via a comments section of an article is the best way to go about trying to establish dialogue or conduct public outing/shaming.
  • As a woman said during [Callahan’s] press conference, report it to the state!
  • I don’t understand why Callahan won’t follow through on Donchez’s request for any pertinent info. If you have it, provide it.
  • It’s like we don’t know why Callahan is conducting himself in this twisted way. What is his final desired outcome? To embarrass folks? Raise legitimate concern? Out people and get them fired? Actually report wrongdoing?
  • Hard to believe much when you [Callahan] are only making public statements, but then say you don’t want to get anyone in trouble and you actually make your case more difficult!
  • I’m not understanding what [Callahan’s] goal is.
  • It seems [Callahan] is acting as a whistleblower of sorts, but at this point he should refer it up the flagpole, and if he feels so strongly, provide info to authorities so it can be properly investigated.
  • If true, it is concerning, but by going public, he is risking any future investigation and potentially slandering folks who in the end might be innocent of wrongdoing, and opening the city up for legal action against it.
  • The whole thing is slightly odd.
  • The public is not sure who to believe.
  • It’s another instance IMO of Callahan not thinking this process through completely. Now he has to go to an independent party because he believes internally, it’s not being addressed. Yet, he says he doesn’t want to report it to the state?

Gadfly wants to come back to Councilman Callahan’s role in this controversy, but not sure he can do it before tonight’s meeting and possible further developments there. He wants to consider AMK’s position first and is trying to get to that today.

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