Gadfly dusting off his past testimony for the newest hearing on 2 W. Market St.

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2 W. Market is one of Gadfly’s marathon threads.

Look at that — this is post #84!

For a refresher on the very latest chapter in what is a 5-6 year controversy, start at post #80 in the thread for 2 W. Market on the sidebar.

In briefest of brief summary: “The owners of 2 W. Market in the residential Northside historical district want to use a house that they have fixed up at considerable expense as an office. A group of homeowner neighbors object. There is a long history of ping-ponging adjudications ultimately going against the “2 Westers.” But in the most recent our City Council approved their petition, and our Zoning Hearing Board approved as well. A group of neighbors has appealed.”

There is another hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board Thursday, 6PM, Town Hall. It should be televised live as well on the Bethlehem DCED youtube channel.

This is a very interesting case. It has brought out significant testimony on each side. There have been many, many of the good voices Gadfly loves. Gadfly has covered the testimony in deep detail — with video and audio, charts of pro and con, you name it, that all can be found in the archives of this thread.

Gadfly has urged the significance of this case for all our neighborhoods — it’s a case to which attention should be paid.

Because of that widespread relevance and significance, Gadfly has urged and urges now for residents from all over the City to turn out and give witness to the need for a fair decision.

Gadfly, after long and careful weighing of arguments as detailed in his post archive, took a position — a position in favor of the neighbors in opposition to the owners of 2 W. Market.

He testified three times.

You might be interested and can find that excerpted testimony from his three appearances here:

Ed Gallagher Testimony on 2 W. Market St.

He will testify again Thursday night.

Your thoughts for or against his position always welcome!

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