Beware the landlord from Hong Kong

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How much do you think the rent is for the Southside house on the left?

Fifth st.

The landlord from Hong Kong is raising the rent from $2000/mo. to $2900/mo. come first of the year.

This pleasant but concerned young man came to Council last week  to “start a dialog and see what the City can do to protect residents.”

But all he got was a “thank you.”

It was no doubt his first visit to Council.

And you can tell from his hesitation and uncertainty at the end that he expected dialog.

But all he got was a “thank you.”

Not President Waldron’s fault, I guess, but not good.

There may be nothing to be done for this very worthy sounding guy except to wish him well if he must move to another part of town or, more likely, another town.

But we must try to do better.

The landlords from New Jersey that we heard about a few posts back must be overmatched.

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