Do we have a tenant/landlord mediation service?

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ref: “Beware the landlord from Hong Kong”


Yes, it seems this was the resident’s first time trying to access city government, at least publicly. What could we imagine he learned? My guess is that he came away thinking that although he spoke, he wasn’t heard. Is this what we want those with the courage to come before City Council to learn? Or would it be better to respond in a way that shows a working relationship where problems can be worked out together?

Granted, his concern was over a private transaction, not a public complaint. Still, affordable housing is certainly a public concern affecting our city. It would be wonderful if we had a tenant/landlord mediation service in place. If there is such a thing, I am not aware of it. Lacking that, I’m wondering if City Council could have referred this resident to someone in city government who could offer guidance, at least to go over Article 1739 regarding regulated rental unit occupancy or other applicable ordinances.

The lesson there? We’re all in this together!


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  1. So many people appear and appeal to their elected officials because they feel some kind of injustice and as if they’re alone on island. Sadly they all to frequently leave Town Hall feeling the same way. Many times, some empathy would go a long way in helping them find the resolve to take on their issues. Ignoring someone cuts very deeply and I’m sure that these elected officials wouldn’t want to be treated this way.


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