“Make your promise to the future”

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Festival UnBound closing ceremony Sunday night

Last night the Payrow Plaza parapet became an altar.

An altar on which Festival participants made a vow to the future.

It’s the lunch hour as Gadfly posts this message and perhaps as you receive it.

A pause in the day.

A good time to renew the vow you made or reflect on one you will now make.

How will you help make this a better community?

“Know that you are not powerless.”

  • “Now we are going to have an opportunity to light our candles.”
  • “And this is an opportunity for you to make a promise to yourself and to this community about what physical actual step you are going to take in this next year.”
  • “Maybe it’s inviting your neighbor over for dinner.”
  • “Maybe it’s making sure everybody votes.”
  • “Maybe it’s helping in a soup kitchen.”
  • “It’s whatever moves you that you know will help make this a better community.”
  • “And once you have thought about what your step is going to be . . . we invite you to come over and look at the City of Bethlehem, South Bethlehem, raise your candle high, make your promise, make your promise to the future, and then plant your candle in the sand.”

Festival UnBound
Closed but never forgotten

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