“Have the courage to cultivate this beloved community!”

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Festival UnBound closing ceremony Sunday night

What Gadfly has presented to you earlier this morning was antic, joyful prelude.

Now we approach the rousing heart of the Festival; now we tap the serious spiritual energy and passion that fueled this 10-day act of community Love.

Here the ensemble comes together to celebrate Bethlehem’s past, present, and future.

  • “We discovered something special here in Bethlehem.”
  • “A future where our most cherished hopes and dreams can become a reality.”
  • “If it’s your dream, well then there’s no room for failure.”
  • “We showed the world it could be done.”
  • “There is a wealth of untapped talent from the Black community.”
  • “People here have a sense of community.”
  • “There’s a lot of fight in these people. These are tough people.”
  • “If we get knocked on the ground, we can get back up again.”
  • “We see a future in which our warriors return home to find, connection, empathy, and community.”
  • ‘We must support one another if we are to survive and flourish.”
  • “Here’s to the way kitchens and food bring us together. . . [sharing] our history, our heritage, and our hopes.”
  • “Know that you are not powerless.”
  • “Do not give in to fear.”
  • “Our love for this community . . . fired up!”
  • “We are not just community, we are family.”
  • “Ever the realist! Ever the idealist! The world needs us both!”
  • “Here’s to knowing you are a rich resource.”
  • “We mustn’t abandon the promise of equality.”
  • “If we stick together, I know we’ll all be alright.”
  • “Remember this, all voices should be included and at the table in envisioning the forward movement.”
  • “Life is simply wonderful when you are in Bethlehem.”
  • “Have the courage to cultivate this beloved community.”
  • “This isn’t the end of the conversation — not by a longshot!”
  • “Look around you. Everyone around you has ideas, everyone around you has dreams, everyone around you wants it to work better.”
  • “Everyone around you has a story, let’s listen.”
  • “We don’t have much choice but to go into what’s next — TOGETHER!”

Festival UnBound
Closed but never forgotten

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