The mural’d Southside

(The latest in a series of posts on the Southside and Neighborhoods)

Gadfly has rolling in his head some adjectives Kim Carrell-Smith has used recently in these pages about the “feel” of the Southside, the “feel” that we have and the “feel” that we want: cool, eccentric, quirky.

Gadfly loves the “feel” of the murals.

How ’bout the recent one on the Cafe the Lodge?

mural cafe

O, my, just gorgeous, right?

Well, the 3rd item at the Historical Conservation Commission meeting last night was approval for murals from Missy Hartney of the Southside Arts District for murals at three locations: Molly’s, Lehigh Pizza, and Bonn Place Brewing.

Take a look!

mural 1

mural 2

mural 3

mural 4

mural 5

mural 6
will hang vertically

Great idea!

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