Night sweats (92)

(92nd in a series of posts on parking)

Last night, on the eve of another City Council meeting — the last meeting having hosted the Parking Authority’s draft report on moving ahead with the $16.8m Polk Street Garage — Gadfly had a dream.

City Council took back its power to fix parking meter rates.*

Smoke was seen emanating from the portals of the BPA bunker at Main and North Sts., and card tables ringed the perimeter as officials sold raffle tickets to raise money for their next garage projects.


* Responsibility for meter rates and fines originally rested with City Council. City Council delegated the power over rates to the BPA in the late 1980s for an altruistic reason at the urging of a Councilman who, ironically, actually was opposed to BPA expansion plans: see Gadfly posts #75 and #76.


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