The birthday beat for Gadfly #1 goes on!

(The latest in a series of posts on Gadfly History)

OMG 90 years old!?!!! Stephen Antalics rocks! I have the utmost respect and admiration for him. When I grow up,  I want to be just like him: “a fierce fighter for justice for all!” Happy birthday, Stephen! — Olga

Wow, I had no idea this gadfly was 90 years old! Happy Birthday to Stephen! I’ve learned so much from your comments at city council meetings over the years. Thanks for all the wisdom. Your effort to make our city government the best it can be is inspiring. Keep it up!! In admiration and appreciation. — Breena

Happy Birthday, Steve, and many more! — Lynn R

Steve, Happy Birthday and many more! We need you! From Gadfly 002 to Gadfly 001 (with licenses to provoke.) — Bill

Happy 90th, Steve. I always await patiently for your eloquent commentary at City Council to wrap up issues of the day. Stay healthy & engaged!!– Bruce

Stephen Antalics is 90 years old today — June 21, 2019!


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