“Bethlehem Moments”: the next phase

(Latest in a series of posts on Bethlehem Moments)

Follower Barbara Diamond and Gadfly have contributed 9 Bethlehem Moments so far.

Time to move to the next phase at institutionalizing this program.

It’s not to be expected long-term that one person do the Moments.

In fact, by its very nature “Bethlehem Moments” is a community project.

Fostering community is the Gadfly mission.

The Bethlehem Moment is a chance for all of us to learn about and share interesting nuggets of City history of our own choosing.

So Gadfly is herewith and hereby calling for volunteers to be “Momentors.”

You know what the project is. You have seen it in operation for several months. Now it’s time to expand the scope.

In the next post you will find an information document as well as a schedule for the rest of the year.

Please contact Gadfly at ejg1@lehigh.edu or the Contact link on the top menu if you would like to do a Moment and/or alert others of the opportunity.


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