Seriously consider the Callahan campaign contribution issue before voting for candidate Ritter (61)

(61st in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Election Day is Tuesday May 21

That’s today!

Not everybody in Bethlehem reads the Gadfly blog. Yet. We can hope.

But Gadfly is pretty certain that candidate Ritter and Councilman Callahan both are aware of it.

And one way or another would have heard about Gadfly’s invitation this morning to address several questions about the $4000 contribution.

So Gadfly is left very troubled.

Thus Gadfly suggests that anyone considering voting for candidate Ritter should seriously think thrice upon thrice upon thrice.

One thought on “Seriously consider the Callahan campaign contribution issue before voting for candidate Ritter (61)

  1. The problem with blogs like this is that they often spew fake news. Did anyone reach out to the parties involved to ask about the situation? NO! You are seriously ok with typing things that are not true and not factual. I know both Councilman Callahan and Carol Ritter very well. The facts are that in order to run a good campaign, you have to pay for signs, walk pieces and mail pieces. They cost money. I don’t think it’s a secret that Councilman Callahan and Carol Ritter have the same views on how to keep moving Bethlehem forward. I also know that people like Van Wirt and Carpenter have no clue where Bethlehem was just 15-20 years ago.
    The facts are that Councilman Callahan gave the Ritter campaign a $4000 loan that is being paid back in full. The facts are that Carol Ritter and her campaign wanted to do 3 mail pieces to let the voters know who she is, where she came from (Born and raised in Bethlehem) and what her vision for the future of Bethlehem is.
    The facts are that the Ritter campaign is waiting on some more contributions to come in to cover the cost of the mail pieces that had to be paid by last week to ensure the mail pieces dropped in time before election day.
    More fake news and hysteria from the Van Wirt clan. What troubles me is that these same people, who are so upset over the campaign loan, didn’t have a problem with Van Wirt self-funding her last campaign to the tune of $9,000 and Carpenter self-funded his campaign with over $4000? Is it Ok that Carpenter received thousands of dollars from Steve and Barbara Diamond? It sounds like the historical elites only want the wealthy to be able to run campaigns and run for political office!!!
    The facts are that people like Michael Colon, Olga Negron, Adam Waldron, Willy Reynolds, Brian Callahan, Grace Crampsie Smith, and Carol Ritter are middle-class residents who love and care for Bethlehem and have as much right to run and fund their campaigns as does Van Wirt, Carpenter and the other elitists who think they know what’s best for Bethlehem.
    Unions, developers and yes even other council members have as much right to help elect good people to represent Bethlehem and to keep moving the City forward from the disaster of the Steel closing. I trust the people who were raised here and know Bethlehem better than Van Wirt who just moved here.

    A Bethlehem native and proud of it!!!

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