Response to doctor.rock (60)

(60th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Gadfly is struggling with time and equipment while on the road, trying to be back in time to vote tomorrow.

He can’t seem to add a link here to the campaign finance reports on the City Council web page. Best he can do is suggest you go back to post #50 and find the link there.

Gadfly thinks doctor.rock in post #55 is way off base.

There are three candidate Ritter reports.

1) The main report doesn’t seem to have a date, but it has contributions through 5/6,

2) A “late” report dated 5/13.

3) A “late” report dated 5/20.

The Councilman Callahan contribution is in the 2nd document.

Or am I hallucinating?

So Gadfly doesn’t know what doctor. rock is talking about.

And will not publish him again without identification.

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