Questions for candidate Ritter and Councilman Callahan (54)

(54th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Election Day is Tuesday May 21

That’s tomorrow!

Gadfly posted on campaign finance reports in post#50 in this series.

He said there were several interesting things to see and invited you to look.

Did you?

Followers Grubb and Toulouse did and posted about what to Gadfly was the most interesting thing by far:  candidate Ritter’s campaign is financed almost entirely by Councilman Callahan.

To call that “interesting” is, in fact, a gross understatement. To Gadfly it was actually rather shocking.

Gadfly urges you to look at candidate Ritter’s campaign finance report (see the link in post #50) and to read posts #52 and 53 in this candidate series by followers Grubb and Toulouse.

The eve of the election is a delicate time personally and politically for the candidate and the Councilman, but Gadfly can certainly see how this fact might affect one’s vote.

There are at least three questions/issues raised by candidate Ritter’s campaign finance report:

1) the scale of the contribution

2) the independence of the candidate as the result of that scale

3) the general ethics of such a transaction, especially from Councilman Callahan’s position

Gadfly, as you know, likes to hear all sides.

Since he thinks this situation potentially disqualifies candidate Ritter from his consideration — and he feels he may not be alone in feeling so — he urges both the candidate and the Councilman to address those three questions/issues before sundown today, so that voters might have time to appraise the information before voting.

And Gadfly offers this space for their responses.

He invites followers to check back this evening (Gadfly is still on the road) for further info.

One thought on “Questions for candidate Ritter and Councilman Callahan (54)

  1. “…candidate Ritter’s campaign is financed almost entirely by Councilman Callahan.”

    False. False. False.

    Your minions chose only to look at the 24-hour Report and FAILED to mention the Second Friday Report. The Second Friday Report lists $7,050 in cash contributions – none of them from “Friends of Bryan Callahan.”

    Look at Michael Colon’s Second Friday Report. It lists a contribution from “Friends of J. William Reynolds.” Do you disqualify Mr. Colon because of this?

    Facts are difficult things when you smear candidates you don’t like.

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