“Facts are difficult things when you smear candidates you don’t like”(55)

(55th in a series of posts on candidates for election)

Election Day is Tuesday May 21

That’s tomorrow!


“candidate Ritter’s campaign is financed almost entirely by Councilman Callahan.”

False. False. False.

Your minions chose only to look at the 24-hour Report and FAILED to mention the Second Friday Report. The Second Friday Report lists $7,050 in cash contributions – none of them from “Friends of Bryan Callahan.”

Look at Michael Colon’s Second Friday Report. It lists a contribution from “Friends of J. William Reynolds.” Do you disqualify Mr. Colon because of this?

Facts are difficult things when you smear candidates you don’t like.


4 thoughts on ““Facts are difficult things when you smear candidates you don’t like”(55)

  1. A little less than five percent of Michael Colon’s contributions ($200 of $4,360 as of the report listed ending 5/6/19) were from the Friends of J. William Reynolds. McNeil of PA donated an additional $100. I note a contribution of $1,000 (23%) from Friends of Bob Donchez PAC on 2/16/19. Each candidate had a few major contributors, with the exception of one who appeared to be entirely self-funded.

    Reputations are precious. Referring to contributors as “minions” while signing with a pseudonym is not the act of a brave person.

    John Marquette

  2. Dr Rock should read the entire financial report. $4000 from the Friends of any sitting council person to support a candidate for that body should raise a question about the independence of said candidate.

  3. First, I reply using my name. I don’t need to hide behind an alias. Second, I supported Carol Ritter by writing a check of my own from me, not from a campaign fund. Third, the fact remains that a seated Councilman wrote checks totaling $4,500 to a candidate from his own campaign fund, not from his own pocket. These facts are irrefutable. I also noticed other inter-candidate transfers of campaign monies, and I think that is wrong as well, but none approached this level.


  4. Here are some stubborn facts: Friends of Bryan Callahan contributed $4500 and various developers contributed $4300. Over half of Ms. Ritter’s total campaign funds ($14,100) are from developers and a developer-friendly councilman, judging by his voting history, who supported her as an elected official using his campaign funds not his personal money. This magnitude of political contribution in a city council election should concern everyone about the corrosive effect of political influence by special interests.

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