The Bethlehem City Council election: GET BEYOND THE YARD SIGNS!

It’s election season!

One of the primary purposes of the Gadfly project is to foster not only voting but, most importantly, informed voting.

How many times have even the most responsible citizens been faced with a relative lack of substantive information about candidates and found themselves voting on the basis of a yard sign, a pretty face, a familiar name? "Attack of the political signs!"

This is particularly true as in-depth newspaper coverage of Bethlehem politics has gradually lessened.

Gadfly aims to be a resource for getting beyond all that to a solid basis for your vote.

See the “Candidates for election” thread under Topics on the sidebar or under Serious Issues on the top menu where you will find around 50 posts (some with video and audio) helping you to know the candidates better.

Note especially a series of Q&A’s, the like of which you can get nowhere else, on these pairs of posts in the candidates series: 51, 45/44, 36/35, 31/30, 26/25, 24/23, 20/19, 17/16.

Please spend time here and significantly increase the value of your vote.

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Ed Gallagher



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