Gadfly goes modern!

Good Gadfly followers:

Gadfly “goes modern” as the ubiquitous Kathy Fox has already announced to the world!

Gadfly is now on Facebook: search @thebethlehemgadfly

If you are a Facebooker, I hope that you will follow Gadfly and perform all the good Facebook actions like liking/sharing/commenting/inviting your friends, and so forth.

Particularly sharing and inviting your Facebook friends.

Gadfly is taking this step especially because of the upcoming election.

He would like to reach even more people.

We need the best possible City Council members we can get.

We have that “Candidates for election” thread on Gadfly designed to help voters get several steps beyond yard sign and soundbite level of knowledge.

Responses to a 5th prompt should appear tomorrow.

We just don’t get much in the way of newspaper coverage anymore. Sigh. It’s hard to get much in the way of depth on the candidates.

And thus voting — the essence of democracy — can be a hollow exercise.


So Gadfly is trying — with good cooperation from the candidates — to elevate the level of information, if only modestly.

So please help the project by alerting your Facebook friends to follow, calling especial attention to the “Candidates for election” thread:

Tip o’ the hat and wave o’ the wings to Carol “the provocateur” Burns for nudging and mentoring.


Welcome to the Bethlehem Gadfly!

Definition of gadfly
1: any of various flies that annoy livestock

2: a person who stimulates other people especially by persistent criticism
3: someone who challenges people in positions of power

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