David Saltzer at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee Forum May 6 (41)

(41st in a series of posts on candidates for election)

David Saltzer is a candidate for the one of three 4yr seats on City Council, running against Michael Colon, Carol Ritter, J. William Reynolds, Paige Van Wirt.


David Saltzer’s question: on safety (7 mins.)

“What specific measures will you propose as a City Council member that will make Bethlehem a safer city for the people who live and work here?”

  • would love to be on Public Safety committee
  • 9-1-1 transition not going so well
  • I will be a voice for public safety
  • there’s money out there for grants for firefighters to offset salaries, police too
  • we need more in fire and EMS
  • EMS: let’s get more people out there
  • we’re giving calls away to other municipalities and our people are waiting
  • when I got hurt there was no ambulance to take me
  • need to add more police officers, fire trucks, EMS workers on the street
  • more public safety people on the streets to make everone safer

Colon pointed out that with a robust police department, crime statistics are down and we all feel safe in that respect, but definitely could have another EMS vehicle, especially because of activity at the Sands min. 2:38). Reynolds added that we need to be proactive in regard to crime not just reactive, thus we need to work more on after-school programs, on food security, on the food co-op, on code enforcement because all these things relate to kids’ attention in school — and announces an upcoming Digital Equity program. Must talk about crime on the “front end” (min. 4:05). Crampsie Smith recounted her family involvement as indication of support for police but emphasized the need for training in a changing environment (min. 5:18). Ritter said from her travels, it’s so good to feel comfortable walking our streets — “it’s a gift.” Public safety is a reason why people come here and has worked with the Mounted Police for many years (min. 6:20).

David Saltzer’s closing comment (1.5 mins.)

  • looking for a way to continue to serve after being forced from the job with the City that he loved (injury)
  • Council obvious next step since he was involved a lot through his job as Union president
  • experience working with every department of the City in his job as firefighter
  • approachable, will have open door policy
  • wants to be part of something phenomenal — City’s at a good spot

Look for more on Saltzer as he responds to other candidate presentations and participates in group answers on such topics as their unique qualities, transparency, neighborhoods.

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