Alert! Listen before the 6PM meeting if you can

In haste at 5:15:

Gadfly alert! If you are interested in health concerns relating to the MT implosion. There was a meeting today at 3 for “stakeholders” — people and businesses in close radius to MT. There was almost no awareness in the audience of any health concern. And everything rosy from the developer and demolition people. I ‘m posting here an audio of my questions about “dust” — unfortunately the first part was cut off. If you have health concerns listen beforehand and then come to the meeting. But, in any event, come and ask and ask and ask till you feel you have resolution of the concerns.


2 thoughts on “Alert! Listen before the 6PM meeting if you can

  1. They just flat out lied to you. Implosion isn’t any faster. Under a conventional approach debris is being generated from Day 1 and either recycled or hauled off site. Under an implosion approach, weeks are spent prepping the structure than it takes a week or two to load the explosives. during this time no debris is leaving the site. Then the building comes down (hopefully) then the resultant debris has to be downsized so that it can be put into a truck of fit into a crusher.
    Under a conventional approach the dust can be palliated at the point of demolition. There not the same amount of dust.
    They are lying to you about safety too. There are no statistics out there that prove that. Actually the opposite could be true. Look at how many deaths there have been in the implosion industry.

  2. Sorry I was unable to attend the meeting last night, but I think we should remember that DEP & Health Department probably rely on inadequate & obsolete standards.

    The link Gadfly posted about EPA being forced to update their standards [] is 4 years old, but that certainly does not mean the standards have been updated. According to that article, US standards are far less stringent than EU & Canada.

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